Saturday 19 August 2023


Another Spotify playlist now up for your amusement and delicitation. With a suitable illo from Mexican printmaker Jose Guadalupe Posada. They’re developing more and more of a death theme, it seems. Well, that’s life. 

John Cale: If You Were Still Around
Mclusky: Whiteliberalonwhiteliberalaction
Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger: Aikendrum
Tunng: These Winds
Judy Dunlop + Ashley Hutchings: The Oak
Richard & Linda Thompson: Beat The Retreat
Bert Jansch: Poison
R.E.M.: Old Man Kensey
Robert Plant: Monkey
PJ Harvey: The Glorious Land
The Angels Of Light: Sunset Park
CAN: Soul Desert
The Waterboys: Medicine Jack
Julian Cope: Ain’t No Gettin' Round Gettin' Round
Faust: Tell The Bitch To Go Home

"Well here's the truth about Medicine Jack,
He painted his face and his whole shack black,
He went up in the woods and he never came back,
He must have got too close to the railroad track."

See y’all sometime in September…

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