Thursday, 13 March 2014


Someone or other may even be impressed that this is my four hundredth post! And what better opportunity to sketch out a few plans for the near future? (Thoigh 'aspirations' may be a better term there...)

For one reason and another, I have managed to get terribly behind in my visual art reviews, to the point where I haven't managed one since May. This hasn't stopped me going to art exhibitions, surprise surprise, and the consequent mismatch has somewhat inevitably resulted in something of a backlog.

Generally, I find my visual art posts the most challenging and time-consuming, which is doubtless one of the reasons for the hold-up. But I also find them among the most enjoyable things I write. So with advance apologies for the even greater lapses into lateness that will come, I'm going to spend the next few months concentraiting on catching up.

As everything is so hopelessly late anyway, I won't be working through them chronologically. Instead I'll try batching them into some kind of thematic order. This will enhance reader enjoyment. (In my own mind.) These may or may not include Impressionism and Realism, Dada and British Pop Art, city art, Bauhaus and Surrealism, art of the First World War and adorable little portraits of kittens in a basket. (I may have made some of those up.) Plus other stuff...

But first...

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