Friday, 21 March 2014


Click here for the latest Spotify playlist. There's a theme of the foreign, and how it never turns out to be as foreign as you might want it to be. (Or something like that anyway.)

Nico: Afraid
Tunng: Man In The Box
Elvis Costello: When I Was Cruel No.2
Blyth Power: To Horse and Away
Asian Dub Foundation: Taa Deem
Califone: Funeral Singers
Camper Van Beethoven: All Her Favorite Fruit
Roy Acuff And His Smoky Mountain Boys: Wreck On The Highway
The Waterboys: The Earth Only Endures
Patti Smith Group: Ghost Dance
Mission Of Burma: Falling
Portishead: We Carry On
Glenn Branca: Quadratonic
Hawkwind: The Watcher (1996 Digital Remaster)

“And we are rotting like a fruit
Underneath a rusting roof
We dream our dreams
And sing our songs
Of the fecundity
Of life and love
Of life and love”

It's a strangely double-edged feeling, finding a song you're after doesn't exist on Spotify. Frustration at the consumer inconvenience, mixed with relief that not everything in the world's been Google Mapped yet, and Tom Cruise is still running around out there somewhere wearing someone else's eyeballs. I originally planned to include this track by Thee Silver Mount Zion, plus a different Blyth Power number which seems to still be entirely off the grid. Run! Hide!

Coming soon! Yeah, I know. I promised visual art posts...

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