Wednesday 26 June 2013


Actually, I'm against the way the BBC now haul a crowd-pleasing face onto 'Question Time.' It seems both an indulgence of the vacuities of celebrity culture and a tokenistic sop to the fact that nobody cares what politicians say any more.

But, after his comments about the futility of labelling drug addicts as criminals, this time I find myself agreeing with Russell Brand about the bankers! Not just because he indulges in “banker-bashing” (which would in itself be too easy and achieve nothing). More because of his comments about our setting ourselves up for a cyclical problem. (Having got away with poor people bailing out their bonuses this time, what's to stop them doing it again?) And the sheer unlikelihood of the Tory party biting the hand that feeds them by regulating finance in any meaningful way.

However, I do still think the term “wicked” should be reserved for addressing the Witch of the West.

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