Sunday, 10 April 2011


"THE BIG CUBE: Annual increase in wealth of the world’s richest man.
THE SMALL CUBES: [Barely visible in the photo as orange dots bouncing around the big black cube] Average UK incomes
THE RATIO: 500,000 to 1”

... so, in short, we’re all in this together.

Photo taken at the recent anti-cuts  ’March For the Alternative’ on March 26th. As well as the sheer size of the demo (longer than it’s own route, meaning many people were still starting after it had officially finished) it was marked by a high level of creativity. As well as the cube above there was a giant Trojan horse (presumably left outside the House of Commons after the demo was over), a Banker carried on a sedan chair... much else. Of course there were also the pack-drilled Trots with their inevitable “slogan slogan slogan, SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT.” But for once the day didn’t belong to them.

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