Sunday, 24 April 2011


For those of you who like pointless and almost certainly inaccurate conjecture – read on! (Something nearer to a proper review here.)

The more I think about it, the more significant Easter becomes...

Okay, there was no Easter setting, no toasting of hot cross buns or mention of fluffy bunnies who died for you. Just a Public holiday, a timely point to relaunch the series. But those invites clearly displayed the date. (Which, correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t the actual date of broadcast but instead Good Friday.)

The Doctor calls his companions for a meal (okay, not a supper). Wine is drunk. He not only recognises his assassin, he even seems to be expecting all this – and still allows it to happen.

If River Song is too obvious a candidate for our spacesuited swimmer, how about Amy? You would of course expect her to show some sorrow in the circumstances, but it was laid on that her grief was the greatest. The aliens seem yet to offer her any pieces of silver, but that is maybe to come...


  1. Ha!

    I can't believe I didn't spot that.

    Good observation.

  2. I think, strictly speaking, the Last Supper is before Good Friday. But, there being no Easter Saturday, I'm still wondering whether it's significant.

  3. Who's to say it's not the Doctor himself in that suit?

  4. I wondered that very thing, funnily enough, but couldn't really figure a workaround story for it. He decides to appear dead to flush out some foe, but does it through actually being dead for a bit. That was the best I could come up with.

    The scene is staged as if he's expecting the person but the actual timing of the shots take him by surprise, though.

    Maybe he will just jump back up shouting "only Marvel dead..."