Saturday, 23 July 2022


My latest Spotify playlist is up, for your listening pleasure! Our journey starts on the mystic shores of sweet Iona. After which David Bowie muses the relative merits of sanity and its alternatives, The Body Lovers (Swans' Michael gira under another name) get both instrumental and numerological, Inner City Unit (Nik Turner's too-little-known post-Hawkwind outfit) discover the Bigfoot, the ever-mighty Ex embark on a blindfolded sword dance, Faust defy sense in three langauges at once, Can forge their way uphill as if no force can stop them, while Two Lone Swordsmen (feat. Andrew Weatherall) feast on fire. Plus more! (Illo by Louis Soutter)

Mike Scott: Iona Song
Pentangle: No More My Lord
Nick Drake: Parasite
David Bowie: All The Madmen
PJ Harvey: Send His Love To Me
The Body Lovers: Part V
Inner City Unit: Big Foot
Githead: Over The Limit
The Ex: Pigs & Scales
Faust: Chlorophyl
Can: Uphill
Neu!: Lila Engel (Lilac Angel)
Two Lone Swordsmen: Taste Of Our Flames

“We who were right all along
“Will then read out your names
“Those who stole secrets will pay
“With a taste of our flames”

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