Saturday, 14 August 2021


Now, this playlist may take a somewhat catholic definition of Folk. To the degree that some will say there’s just two real folk songs in it, and others only one. Yet we’re not talking about a museum exhibit, but music which continues to live, breathe and evolve. You can't span the breadth of it in seventy minutes, but hopefully you can catch some of the variety. And remember - fate is only foolin' with us friend.

(The illo’s from the Tate’s British Folk Art show, which you could read me wittering about here, had you a mind to.)

Sandy Denny: The North Star Grassman & The Ravens
Pentangle: Sweet Child
Nick Drake: Hazey Jane I
Trees: Murdoch
Richard Thompson: Keep Your Distance
Current 93: Bind Your Tortoise Mouth
Tunng: Bricks
Jeffrey Lewis: The Story of The Fall
Blyth Power: Inside the Horse
The Imagined Village (feat. Paul Weller and Martin & Eliza Carthy): John Barleycorn
Gillian Welch: One Monkey
Richard Buckner: Poor Old Tom
Martin Green: Smallest Plant
Cinder Well: Brittle Bones
Mekons: Trimdon Grange Explosion

(More themed playlists coming, one day or another.....)

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