Saturday, 8 February 2020


Okay, it’s been some time since we had a playlist to play. Highlights this time include the Magnetic Fields’ love letter to their own id, the psychedelic revelations of the Dukes of the Stratosphear (XTC as if they were the walrus), Esther Phillips’ soul classic, Chris Wood’s lament for a time where the villain has convinced us all he’s the hero, the Delgado’s seductive melancholia, MONO's… well, they’re all highlights really.

The Magnetic Fields: “I Wish I Had An Evil Twin”
Lau: “The Death of the Dining Car”
Robert Wyatt: “Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road”
Dukes of the Stratosphear: “Your Gold Dress”
Gil Scott-Heron: “Whitey On The Moon”
Esther Phillips: “Home Is Where The Hatred Is”
Louis Armstrong: “You'll Wish You'd Never Been Born”
Neil Young: “Off The Road”
Chris Wood: “Riches On The Bold”
The Delgados: “The Actress”
MONO: “Meet Us Where The Night Ends”
Gnod: “Learn To Forgive”

”It's not the proposal that comes that causes the pause
Straw men as they exit to the sound of applause”

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