Friday 19 January 2018


A Spotify playlist with a difference! During previous compilations, I found the things pretty much insisted on a maximum track length. I’d sometimes push things to the nine, ten, eleven minute mark, but even at that point there’d start to be an unbalancing effect. It’s like if a street otherwise composed of bungalows suddenly sported a mansion. No-one’s going to look at the bungalows then, right?

Now this could be described as something of a First World problem. But it bugged me. Particularly in the case of bands who solely trade in longer tracks, making themselves playlist proof. Until one day it hit me that you could compile a list just of longer tracks. (Yes, that’s right, I have been to college.) With the result being right here. Dali’s floppy clock ( a section of ’Persistence of Memory’ seemed to fit.

Sunn 0))): It Took the Night to Believe
Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Fam/Famine
Faust: Accroche A Tes Levres
The Cosmic Dead: Anatta
Sun Ra: Space is the Place

Almost straight away, I then got the notion to make a companion playlist devoted to shorter tracks. (With a five minute maximum.) If I ever finish that one, I’ll yet you know. Until then, settle down for some sustained stuff…

Coming soon! Back with the gig-going adventures…
Coming slightly later! Back with the art exhibition reviews...

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