Friday, 7 October 2016


It's about time we had another Spotify playlist around here. 

Regular readers will recognise some of the bands from gig reviews. Me, I like to imagone this one earn it's title by achieving a symmetry between out-and-out tracks such as Föllakzoid's nine minutes of driving trance, and epic songs such as Hole's stirring 'Northern Star' (with it's classic cry “blessed are the broken”). It all peaks with the shot in the arm of Wire's 'Spent', after which no more really need be said.

That illo is Dali's great Surrealist painting 'Sleep'. (You know that already, right?)

Föllakzoid: 'Feuerzeug'
Jesu & Sun Kil Moon: 'A Song Of Shadows'
The Blue Aeroplanes: 'What It Is'
Jah Wobble & The English Roots Band: 'My Love's in Germany'
Current 93: 'Moonlight, You Will Say'
Hole: 'Northern Star'
Josh T. Pearson: 'Sorry With A Song'
The Tiger Lillies: 'Reap What You Sow'
Swans: 'Will We Survive'
Sleep: 'Aquarian'
Wire: 'Spent' (live 2005)

”Trapped inside a world under leagues of ocean
The clergy arrives with the magic potion
I put my mouth into the cup of potion
Sip down the nectar and escape the ocean”

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