Saturday 7 May 2016


Things kick off with the crackling firewood of Thee Silver Mt. Zion's campfire spell of solidarity, before venturing through Can's hurtling freneticism, as insistent and sense-defying as a fever dream, the frenzied avant-Dada discordant punk of the Cravats (pictured), the seething emnity emanated by Hole, the sublime trance-grooves of Om (I really wanted the track 'Meditation is the Practice of Death' but alas that wasn't Spotifyable), before culminating with the terrible grandeur and primal savagery of Current 93. Singing about the end of everything. Or how the end of everything was sewn at the beginning. Or something like that anyway.

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band & Choir: 'Hang on to Each Other'
Alternative TV: 'The Good Missionary'
CAN: 'Mother Upduff'
The Cravats: 'I Am The Dreg'
Swans: 'The Other Side Of The World'
Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts: 'It Only Takes a Moment'
Goat: 'Goatlord'
Hole: 'Asking For It'
The Fall: 'What You Need'
The Waterboys: 'Rosalind (You Married the Wrong Guy)'
Blyth Power: 'Salmon & Gluckstein'
Tricky (feat. Hawkman): 'Bury The Evidence'
Om: 'Pilgrimage (Reprise)'
Current 93: 'Invocation of Almost'

“I am the dreg, I am myself
I'm off the peg and on the shelf”

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