Sunday, 15 September 2013


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There's themes of politics and religion, and how the area where those venn diagrams bisect is normally where the money's kept. That's when the theme isn't death ...any idea of a theme is probably just in my head, to be honest with you.

Portishead: Half Day Closing
Patti Smith Group: Spell (live)
Lou Reed: Dime Store Mystery
Woody Guthrie: Tom Joad (Part 2)
The Tiger Lillies: The Story of Cruel Frederick
The Flaming Lips: Free Radicals
James White & The Blacks: Contort Yourself
Gang Of Four: Capital (It Fails Us Now)
Mark Stewart & Mafia: Beneath The City Streets
Hybrid Kids (aka Morgan Fisher): Coventry
Camper Van Beethoven: When I Win The Lottery
Rydell: My Life in Motion
Gorillaz: New Genius (Brother)
Blyth Power: Under The Sea Wind
Kyuss: Apothecaries' Weight
Mission Of Burma: Weatherbox
Rites of Spring: Deeper Than Inside
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band: Clear Spot

“That all our sins may rest concealed,
And all our stomachs duly filled”

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