Monday, 8 April 2013


It's most likely going to seem incomprehensible to someone so much as five years younger than me, but I really couldn't put into words the depth of contempt in which I held the mad old bat. When today's mainstream parties differ only in how deep they're considering cutting disabled people's benefits, that's because we all still stink from the stuff she shat. I still have my Pop Group T-shirt (as above), and wish only the weather was warm enough for me  to be sporting it. (The British weather being one of the few things she didn't screw up, but only because it was already bad before she got there.)

Luckily, Elvis' song says it all so I don't have to.

Choice quotes so far...

There is no such thing as Margaret Thatcher”
- Society
How long now before ATOS healthcare declare her fit for work?
- Anon

I may not agree with covering all the lands in a second darkness but greatly respect Sauron's political achievements and personal strength.”

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