Friday, 3 August 2012


It's that time of year again when I take a few of my favourite pieces here and compile them into a print digest format, which you can then pick up and read just like we did in the old days, pa. These are put together by a team of top-notch graphic designers then compiled using the latest cutting-edge laser technology, and anyone who saw me at the copier in my local shop just now... that's purely a co-incidence, honest!

These worth... I mean priceless items will be available for public perusal at tomorrow's Alternative Press Fair, the impending alt-comics convention Caption, Comics Friends United and possibly even other places.

(I first started doing these as calling-cards for the blog, but as far as I can figure out there seems to be little or no audience overlap, like print and pixel are just two different channels. But I keep doing them out of some inner peversity.)

...all of which seems as good a time as any to remind ourselves of the tag-lines used for the original Olde Printe Versions of 'Lucid Frenzy'...

“The world's not impersonal perzine”
“Despite popular demand!”
“Too young to live! Too dull to die!”
“Raising the bar on lowering the tone for... oh, about a year or so now.”
“Not dead! Just not smelling too good!”
“Too damn stupid to know when to lie down and die!”
“It's back! And it's baaaaaaad! (The term “bad” is not used here in the “wicked” sense.)”
“Make way for more age without wisdom...”
“Nine instances of neither use nor ornament!”
“Never knowingly understood.”

...finishing on my personal favourite...

“Who will stem this flow of ill-informed outpourings from the pen of the stalk that walks?”

Incidentally there is no point asking for copies of the original print 'Lucid Frenzy.' Not because I don't have any left. There's just no point...

Coming soon! Some new stuff, honest!

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