Sunday 26 February 2012


Check it out! Slow the ’Star Wars’ theme down 800% and you end up with something massively preferable to the original! (Described as Star Wars O)))) in the comments, for anyone who gets that particular in-joke!)

It may originally seem like a gimmick or a lolz attack, but that’s not the way I’ve come to respond to it. You can follow the links to other themes which have been stretched the same way, and each has it's own charm. It’s more like revealing a richness to things our perceptions are mostly oblivious to. It’s like one of those Muybridge-style film clips, which slow down a movement enough to make you aware of all the intricacies involved in running or jumping or what seems like basic actions. Or one of those ‘microscope’ films, where they home in on something at greater and greater magnification and more and more details appear. 

But overall I don’t think it’s too fanciful to say it’s one form of music transformed into another. In fact it reminds me most of the work of experimental composer Basil Kirchin, just with less editorial intervention. In a Radio Three interview he claimed that there’s a whole symphony within something like a tram going round a corner, it just has to be made audible to us.

PS: Is it my imagination of does Kirchin look a little like Stanley Kubrick?

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