Tuesday, 24 May 2011


...okay, what else is new?

There's simply been too much good stuff going on lately for me to catch up with it all! This tends to happen this time of year with the Brighton Festival, but I've also been to a couple of other cool things in London I'd love to post about. (Just as soon as they invent more hours in the day...)

Of course this also means that when I'm finally able to write about it then it'll be late. But then you're surely used to that round here!


  1. RUN, Gavin! You only have seventeen hours to review The Rebel Flesh before the second half airs!

  2. Too late! I haven't even seen the second episode yet as I was at the Alternative Press Festival in London and didn't get back till late! When I watch it I'll decide whether to add it to my overlong backlog of stuff to review or just move on.

    (Probably watch it soon, though, because until then I'll have to avoid all internet references to it.)