Sunday, 26 September 2010


Yes, today's the day that the Lucid Frenzy blog celebrates its third birthday! (This may well be the first time this blog has ever brought in something on time...) Expect more of the usual sort of thing to come. But for today here’s some links...

  1. Somebody has reviewed ‘Lucid Frenzy’!
Well, sort of... I have sometimes produced paper zine versions of old items, which I’ve given away to people I’ve bumped into at at the London Zine Symposium. During this haphazard prcoess, 365 Zines A Year was handed one and wrote about it...

  1. My Flickr page
...updated only yesterday with more pictures of London, graffiti and the Sussex Downs.

  1. My Share My Playlists page
...>... found here. With playlists devoted to folk, punk, post punk, hardcore, psychedelic, kosmische and the human voice (among others)

  1. K-Punk on ’Inception’
Only recently, I reviewed the film ’Inception’ through the prism of Mark Fisher (aka K-Punk’s) recent treatise ’Capitalist Realism.’ Click here for what the man himself had to say about the film...

  1. K-Punk Playlist: The Metaphysics of Crackle
I’m actually listening to this playlist right now! My only possible complaint would be that it’s so well mixed I don’t tend to listen to it as a series of individual tracks, but a whole, so I’ve still no idea who any of the acts are...

  1. Andrew Rilstone on Joseph Campbell
Regular readers (should any exist) will have seen me link to Andrew’s stuff before. This reaction to Joseph Campbell is sprawling and multiform rather than concise and incisive, but I’d like to think that’s a description rather than a criticism. And he does have his incisive moments...

”Campbell thinks that symbols mean what they mean, and there's an end to it. All stories have a meaning, and it's our job to learn the language or crack the code or remove the mask so the One Truth is revealed.

I think that this is a silly, reductive, limiting way of reading stories.”

(Believe it or not, and I didn’t, but it is in part a reaction to something I wrote.)

It starts here, though there are several parts.

Normal service should not be assumed...

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