Thursday, 18 March 2010


...but apparently it can't. I lost count of the amount of times I had to repost and hand-edit the posting below just to get something halfway readable. One link I have now officially given up on formatting correctly. However many times I redid it I'd just  have it 'corrected' back to being wrong again. Apologies if people ever find things here hard to read. It's not me. It's them.

Blogger provides a forum for problems, but rather than anyone monitoring it for reported bugs they pretty much expect users to sort out their own problems between them. (Yep, while providing a product that isn't open source.)

Does anyone know if other browsers create the same problems? If so, I may well consider migrating.

What a piece of crap...


  1. Wordpress is much better - more flexible and easier to format posts the way you want them.

  2. Wordpress certainly has a good reputation - it's even used to host some commercial sites. I gave up on Google's blogger years ago in favour of it...

  3. Thanks to you both for the advice, Ironically, it was a Wordpress account I was responding to in the first place! The only downside of Wordpress I’ve seen is the indenting on the ‘respond to’ function in the comments. You can see why it’s there, but if people keep commenting on comments the indent increases and the text margins just get ridiculously narrow. I’ve had to paste comments into Word just to read them.

    Blogger is great when it works, but every now and then it seems to go off the rails and do crazy stuff as soon as you press ‘Post’. And once it’s got that bit between its teeth it persists. Even deleting the entry and trying again fails to appease it.

    To make matters worse, trying to make software do what it’s told is normally what I’ve been doing at work all day! It’s the last thing I want to be grappling with when I get home.

    Having posted so much stuff here, I am torn about abandoning this blog for something new. (I’m not sure, but it’s also possible that last post was my most-read ever!) But twice in the last three months I’ve had to essentially give up on posts being formatted correctly. You get frustrated trying to fix it but being prevented, while everyone reading it just thinks it’s you being sloppy. I’ll monitor how it goes from now on...