Friday, 11 January 2008


I love it when someone smart-sounding turns out to have come quite separately to the same conclusions as me. However, while it gives a nice feeling, it doesn’t really goanywhere. In a way it kind of closes something off. So I love it even more when I stumble across someone smart-sounding who is saying the diametric opposite of whatever I was saying. It’s happened twice in the few months since I started this blog, and here’s to many more!

To wit, here’s what PatrickXMM has had to say about I’m Not There. What’s below is own summary from a message board on Barbelith. You can read the whole thing on his blog here.

“…the film takes Dylan as a case study to explore the way we all construct different identities and struggle to reconcile the different sides of our personalities as we grow older… In that sense, I think the film does have a linear narrative, fractured though it is among the many storylines, and I think it's a narrative that has relevance for everyone, not just in relation to what happened to Dylan.

That's one of the major reasons why the film is so much more effective than a traditional biopic. It's not about becoming famous, it's about the human condition, the way our past traps us into being certain things, the way idealistic notions of youth fall away as we see our idols fall. I think one of the trailers said that we are all Dylan, and that's what I took away from the film, the universality of transient human identity.”

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