If you'd like some starting-points to the sort of stuff I write, and you're not overly concerned with topicality, here's twenty handy links. (If you are overly concerned with topicality, you're probably in the wrong place to start with.) I've handily divided them into reader-friendly headers, though the content of pieces more often slips between subjects.

Amusingly when I check this list against the stats, it includes what's currently my best-read post ('Shows Of Future Past'), but overall has almost no correlation to readership. Very few folk read 'From Barbary to Here' and almost no-one 'We Come to Bury High Culture'. Go figure...


A comparison of two Tate Modern exhibitions, the Italian-set ‘Futurism’ and Russia-based ‘Rodchenko and Popova: Defining Constructivism'

A retrospective of Gustav Metzger, quite possibly the deviser of auto-destructivism, at the Serpentine Gallery

Three of Dadaism’s most infamous and provocative characters in one place at one time.

The often-overlooked 'English Surrealist' finally gets a much-deserved retrospective, at the Pallant House gallery

It's official - the last years of this celebrated British artist really were the best, the time he most successfully found the sublime in the age of steam. (Dickens and Marx get drafted into this argument, too. It seemed a good idea at the time.)


Was it the Forties cartoons which really defined the Man of Steel we know today? (Short answer: yes)

The simple poser 'what defines a superhero' used to crowbar our way into a more general rumination over what constitutes one.

The middle section of Christopher Nolan's bat-trilogy goes under the four-eyed spotlight

Thoughts on the classic TV show, penned when the revival had just finished it's first season

The 'Alien' series up to date, with emphasis on the first film, written as a preamble to a 'Prometheus' review but ending up more interesting than that (honest)...


A highly subjective account of a “site-responsive promenade performance” by DreamThinkSpeak in the old Co-op Building, Brighton


The legendary anarch-punk band dissected. The comments section is worth reading too. (Once you get past the initial fulminating punk fundamentalist.)

The themes of this celebrated country album assessed

Ex-Velvets member finds “a nice way to say something nasty', in quite possibly one of the finest albums ever!

...a pieced which starts out as a review of a Seventieth birthday tribute to the inimitable Steve Reich, but morphs into a general discussion of minimalism in music

A polemical insistence that drone isn't a but the form of music

The reformed New York noisemeisters strike back. And this time they're tuneful!


A no-holds-barred tirade against the way Hollywood scripters have co-opted Joseph Campbell's studies of mythology to their twisted will

A celebration of artistic self-production in the face of corporate conformity. “Home creativity is killing the comics industry – and it's fun, too!”

A piece which started out as a review of a Blyth Power benefit gig, but then nothing much goes to plan around here...

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