Yes my ugly head has reared itself elsewhere on the web, depositing itself in such places as...

Web incarnation of the celebrated print zine 'FA', "the serious comics fanzine with a sense of fun."

"A publishing collective for the anti-authoritarian, DIY and punk communities."

PDF zine compiled by Andrew Hickey. Please note link goes straight to PDF download and may take a little while. And no the download doesn't conk out, my article just fails to come with a conclusion!

A humourous history of my life and comics (but not necessarily in that order), originally published in the comics zine 'Vicious' in 1995. Yes, I was an old-timer even then! (Contains link to second part.)

'Zum!' Comix Review Magazine
Some of my reviews of comics, and even some of my comics reviewed, in "a large unwieldy document of limited use." Try clicking on the logos...

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